Axial “SCX10JK” – Wilwood Brakes – Massive Stopping Power

By AR on Nov 16, 2012

The Full size Axial SCX10JK has been quite an amazing project for us to be a part of. When doing the extensive research for the scale version we were working on, we learned a lot about Jeep, the history and heritage. This particular vehicle is probably one of the most popular off-roaders on the planet. With that said there are endless options to personalize and modify your Jeep to your liking just like your scaled down SCX10. The similarities in regards to the way you go about modifying your SCX10 is just about the same as the full size version. For instance when you install larger tires, you must consider installing a stronger servo to turn and stronger drive-line components to handle the extra traction. The same goes for the full size Jeep.

We did extensive research into the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and the best ways to make a fun and reliable Jeep to take out on some fairly advanced trails. As the modification process goes, one must take into consideration the effect of the modifications made and chase the inevitable “next weakest link”. After adding the Rock Jock 60 Axles from Currie Enterprises, and the body armor from Poison Spyder, the Jeep gained a little extra weight. These mods are essential for making sure the Jeep can be pushed to the limit in terms of traversing hardcore trails without damage, but adding this weight effects the Jeeps ability to accelerate and stop. We decided to focus on the stopping end of the equation first and turned to our friends and technical partners at Wilwood to address the stopping power.

Wilwood has been around for many years providing stopping power for all types of motorsport vehicles and street vehicles alike. After a quick conversation with Mike Hamrick of Wilwood and John Currie, we were able to develop a game plan to make a brake system for the JK. John Currie got to work making a caliper bracket to fit the Rock Jock Axles and to work with the technologically advanced radial mount Wilwood calipers. Dylan Evans from Icon Vehicle Dynamics was kind enough to open his facility up to do the brake install. Icon has machines in house that will allow us the ability to do some machining if need be. This was a first time install with prototype parts, so we wanted to be prepared for anything!

We started by picking up the brackets from Currie, These are billet aluminum and very nicely machined!


Next we opened the goodies from Wilwood. These parts were modified from off the shelf parts. The bolt center was modified to the 5 on 5.5 pattern as well as the center bore opened on these rotor hats.


These rotor hats were then bolted up to these massive slotted Spec37 Rotors



Wilwood offers a proper bolt set to attach these two components:

The assembly process only takes minutes!


Once assembled, you can see that these rotors are significantly bigger than the rotors we removed. We had previously replaced the rotors before with the slotted and drilled units, but it wasn’t quite enough for comfort.


The old rotor inside the wheel:


The new rotor inside the wheel:


Test fitting the rotor on the front hubs:

With the rotors ready to go it was time to mount the bracket on the knuckles.

On to the Calipers, these 4 piston “Superlite” calipers should offer significantly more gripping power than the standard original equipment.


These calipers are “radial mount” which means that they are bolted in place from the center of the hub outward and cuts down significantly on flex especially once up to temperature. A quick test fit of the calipers reveals a perfect fit!

Next on the list is the brake pads, we are running the Wilwood high performance pads, designed to work with their Superlite caliper.


These new calipers are awesome for changing pads. There is 1 bolt across the back of the calipers that needs to be removed. Simply slide the old pads out, and the new pads in, there is no need to remove the caliper for this process!


The last item on the list was the brake lines. Wilwood also offers a very high quality brake line kit to finish off the system.

With the brake lines installed and bled, the only thing left to do was test them out!


The performance of these brakes are a tremendous improvement over the stock system and over the upgraded rotors and pads alone. The new calipers and rotors from Wilwood offer much more confidence inspiring stopping power. The major difference came with the panic stopping test. If you are traveling approx. 45 mph, we were able to stop in a much shorter distance than before. This is very comforting, as this heavy Jeep needed a little more stopping force. We can’t wait to get out on the trail and test these out. Stay tuned!

For more information about Wilwood, please visit their site here and “Like” them on FaceBook here.

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