RECON MALVADO G6 CHALLENGE – Apple Valley, California

By Axial Staff on Apr 12, 2012


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Apple Valley, California

May 26, 2012

Because you want to taste the real deal
official Adventure Crawl
RECON G6 Challenge!

A personal note from Brian Parker,
“The G-Train has been on Hawaii Time and it’s not about to get in a hurry any time soon, so the next stop is sunny
Southern California. Laid back, G6’n on my mind, my mind on G6’n! Drivers, prep those G-Rides and comp rigs, surfs up & Axial Racing is catching the malvado wave of r/c fun.

G6’ers, can you take the heat? Can your G-Ride survive 2 G6 Stages in Death Valley? Axial Racing & I think so and we want to see you in Apple Valley, California for one wicked RECON G6 Challenge.

I am honored every time an r/c club wants the G-Train to make them a destination. West Coast RCC puts fun in everything they do and the G-Crew is excited to meet a club that shares our passion for r/c. ALL ABOARD, WCRCC, the G-Train has a car dedicated to ya’ll. Let’s have some FUN!

AXIAL Racing is all about the malvado of r/c crawling. So when they wanted a “wicked” event, they called upon the best; RECON Crawlers. Wicked fun, wicked cool & wicked challenges are what the RECON G6 Challenge & Rock Riot 2.2 Comp provides for all its participants.”

The AXIAL Malvado Rock Riot Intel

Drivers Meeting:
- All Classes, 0800hrs

Tech Times:
- Pro Classes, After Drivers Meeting
- Sport / AR60 Classes, 0930hrs

Course Start Times:
- Pro Classes, immediately after a driver completes tech.
- Sport / AR60 Classes, immediately after a driver completes tech.

- 2.2 Pro, 3 laps
- 2.2 Pro Shafty, 3 laps
- 2.2 Sport, 2 laps
- 2.2 Sport Shafty, 2 laps
- AR60 Stock, 2 laps
- AR60 Modified, 2 laps

Note: A driver can drive in multiple classes, but those drivers have the responsibility to complete the number of laps required for each class before the course time expires.

Rock Riot Fees:
- 1st Class, $20.00, each additional class, $5.00

Course Review:

- A Rock Riot is a multi-lap 2.2 comp course that is comprised of 60 to 100 gates. A driver can make changes to their set up between laps & then run the course again. The driver with the lowest combined score is the winner.

Note: A driver must tech prior to the start of each lap & pick up their driver score card for that lap.

Rock Riot Penalties:

- Hitting a gate or boundary nets a driver penalty points
- Touching your car incidental or as needed, nets a driver penalty points.

Note: Here is the link for the complete Rock Riot Rules & Guidelines;…iot-comp-rules

The AXIAL Malvado G6 Challenge Intel

G-Ride Tech Time:
- All Classes, 1230hrs

G6 Drivers Meeting:
- Following tech

Stage 1 Start Time:
- Immediately following the National Anthem

- Start approximately @ 1900hrs+/-

Stage 2 Drivers Meeting:
- 2030hrs

Stage 2 Start Time:
- Immediately following drivers meeting

- G6 Ultra Driver
- G6 Adventurist
- G6 Wraith / 2.2 Classes
- G6 Team (for drivers who want to share a G-Ride with a friend or family member)

Note: A G6’er may drive in 1.9 & a 2.2 class, but run your primary class first.

Exact Location:
- Will be announced 72hrs prior to stage start time.

- $30.00

2012 RECON G6 Guidelines can be found here;…ines-and-Rules

The Axial Malvado G6 Requirements:

- 10 scale items are required
- 3 south of the Border scale items are required.
- Your best South of the Border attire for the night stage, this is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Attire may be a sombrero or poncho or chaps, but not limited to mariachi tuxedo or matching snake skin boots & belt.
- Lights are highly recommended, but not mandatory.
- A scale bag is mandatory.
- A pot luck dish is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
- A tow strap is mandatory.
- A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
- A scale Axial windshield sticker is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
- One can of Dr. Pepper for G-Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
- One Lime per driver is mandatory.
- A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
- The Drivers Meeting Challenge is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Note: A G-Ride can have as many lights mounted as a driver feels necessary, just keep it scale in fashion. A G6’er may have one headlamp and one light attached to their radio.

Stage Preview:
- Stage 1 will consist of 200+/- Trail markers. There will be Class specific sections along with several driver & driving challenges.

- Stage 2 is a night stage and will consist of 200+/- TM’s along with some unique night time challenges and class specific sections.

The Axial Malvado G6 Challenge & Rock Riot is a complete day of r/c driving action and wicked adventure. The fun doesn’t’ set with the sun, because Stage 2 of the Axial Malvado G6 Challenge will bring the desert back to life.

I want you to come get your scaler fix, in the Axial Malvado G6!


  1. Default_avatar Kevin Posted on 2012-05-01 11:17:03

    How about a link with Directions on how to get there. Apple Valley is a big place.

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