Axial “SCX10JK” Armor – Skid Plates from Rebel Off Road

By AR on Apr 02, 2012

We just dropped in to visit the guys at Rebel Off Road to see the progress on our “SCX10JK” build. In our last blog we dipped into the process of installing the body protection from Poison Spyder. This time around we really looked to the expertise of the Rebel Off Road guys to best protect the bottom of the Jeep. When you are out on the rocks, it is inevitable that you will end up dragging the bottom of the vehicle on the earth. This may very well be the most important protection this Jeep will get. There are some vital components to include the oil pan, transmission pan, transfer case, evap canister and a fuel tank, most of which if damaged, will immediately stop forward progression. Rebel Off Road recommended several components to insure we will keep moving forward, no matter what we drag our rig over. Have a look at the list of goodies….

Rock Hard 4X4 Oil-Trans pan skid

Rock Hard 4X4 Transfer Case skid

Rock Hard 4X4 Gas Tank skid

Poison Spyder EVAP skid

The guys at Rebel started with the gas tank skid. The gas tank runs long ways on the passenger side of the vehicle, and is definitely at risk unless it is protected. The Rock Hard 4X4 skid plates are constructed of 3/16 steel and are more than strong enough to hold the weight of the entire vehicle…

The team starts by positioning the skid and then placing a screw jack to hold it in place to start the bolts

Austin uses an impact to install the bolts in the skid plate

Rock Hard 4X4 uses “tapered bolt head protectors” as standard equipment in their kits. This is a brilliant addition to their kits, as they keep the bolt heads from getting destroyed when they are dragged across the rocks.

The EVAP canister is the next item to protect. The standard skid plate is more like mount for the canister than a skid plate. The Poison Spyder skid should do a good job protecting the device.

The Poison Spyder Evap skid is heavy duty!!

Here are the 2 pictured together….

The canister fits nicely in the new skid

The EVap canister is now fully protected under the vehicle

The next component to protect is the transfer case. There is a factory skid plate for the transfer case, but the Rock Hard 4X4 version should hold up to far more abuse. Check out the factory model pictured with the new Rock Hard version….

While installing the transfer case skid, the Rebel guys also installed the oil pan and transmission pan skid plate

This skid plate is one of the only ones on the market that mount away from the engine itself, so there is no contact between the engine and the skid, therefor there is no vibration. There is also a nice hole in the plate for maintenance. This makes changing the oil somewhat simple!

The Jeep is now ready to tackle even the toughest terrain. Should the bottom of the rig make contact with the rocks, it should be fully protected and able to continue without fail.

We will be heading back to Rebel Off Road daily to keep you updated with the progress. We absolutely can’t wait to take this rig out and hit the trail. If you want to see the back story on this rig, and see how it came about, be sure to check the previous blog posts below. Thanks for stopping by!!

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To learn more about our friends at Rebel Off Road, please visit their site here


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