2017 Portland International Auto Show

By AR on Mar 29, 2017

words & photos: Ryan Gerrish We couldn’t believe it, but this was the 7th year of our partnership with Axial Racing and the Portland International Auto Show! Every year we build a unique course and run crawlers on it for … more


By Axial on Mar 24, 2017

CLUB BANNER GUIDELINES – AXIALFEST2017 We want you to represent your club, family or your favorite Irish Hopscotch Team, but we simply ask that you do not fly manufacturer banners in your campsite at AXIALFEST. We all know that you … more

Fire and Ice Lost Trails Extreme Scale Challenge

By Axial on Mar 21, 2017

Fire and Ice Lost Trails Extreme Scale Challenge Presented by Team MRB Wild West Motorsports Park, Reno, Nevada February 18, 2017 Words by Matt Soileau Pictures by Skeeno and Alec Van Den Brink Team MRB, aka the Moon Rock Bashers … more

Axial joins Extreme Scale Performance RC for SCALE WARS

By AR on Mar 15, 2017

Scale Wars is an ongoing online scale building competition from Josh Elliot of Extreme Scale Performance RC for Axial based builders around the world! Josh Elliot, aka “Camping with Coleman” explains this is his way of giving back to my Subscribers … more

Axial Downloadable Complete Parts List

By Tony Phalen on Mar 14, 2017

Axial is always looking for better ways to serve its customer base. Along that point, did you know that we offer a complete, downloadable Excel file filled with every standard or option part currently in production? You may have overlooked … more

78 Years Young and Simply DOC!

By Axial on Mar 14, 2017

Doc has been known as “Doc” for 45+ years and only a small handful of people know his real name. Most of them are Military or Doctors. In his younger years, Doc was involved in motorcycle rides across the US … more


By AR on Mar 10, 2017

ULTRA 5K ENDURO HISTORY Written by: Rodney Wills Photos by: Tristan “TAZZ” Judkins and Rodney Wills Driving a radio control vehicle from a “control area” or commonly known as a driver stand or even from a stationary position, has been the … more

TECH – Jeep Cherokee XJ Truck

By Axial on Feb 23, 2017

When it comes to the scaling scene, there’s an abundance of creativity amongst the mix and everyone once in a while there’s that one build that catches the eye. Especially when a builder uses an existing product and morphs it … more

Live Coverage! 2017 Ultra 4 / King of the Hammers

By AR on Feb 02, 2017



2016 SoCal U4RC Winter Series Final Report

By AR on Jan 19, 2017

Words: Gerald Tobin-U4RC Photos: James Goad, The entire Winter Series was a back and forth battle in every U4RC class; but the SoCal U4RC Winter Series Finals proved to be the ultimate test of both the racers fortitude and … more