Trim a Lexan Body

By Axial on Nov 17, 2014

There are two ways to properly trim a body. One is the obvious method of using scissors to slowly trim the Lexan material away. The second method involves the far less obvious trick of scoring and snapping off the unwanted … more

Baja 1000 2014 Live Coverage

By AR on Nov 13, 2014


Waterproof Your Receiver

By Axial on Nov 06, 2014

There are a lot of opinions being shared on how to waterproof electronics items, such receivers. The downside on most of the techniques is that they void the warranties of the products they are supposed to protect. Even worse, they often don’t … more

Axial Yeti XL Pre-run Checklist – Read Before You Run

By AR on Nov 05, 2014

So you just picked up your Yeti XL and are ready to go bashing! Take a few moments to check out some recommendations to make sure you have the best experience possible. Pre-run checklist: Check the screw tightness, especially around … more

U4RC 2014 Series Final

By AR on Nov 04, 2014

Words by:  Jerry Tobin – U4RC Photos courtesy of : Matt Frederick, James Goad With overwhelming success in the past two years, U4RC has proven that r/c rock racing is truly the “next big thing” in r/c. U4RC has solidly … more

Recon G6 Fowl Play Recap

By AR on Oct 28, 2014

Axial Presents: The “Fowl Play” Recon G6 September 27th, 2014 Paulina Lake, Oregon Trip Report by Ryan Gerrish Photos by Ryan Gerrish and Chris McMullin Last September the G-train invaded the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, just outside of La Pine, … more

Understanding Tire Wear

By Axial on Oct 24, 2014

Tires are inarguably one of the most significant deciding factors when it comes to determining the real-world capability of a vehicle. Tires will make or break a RC vehicle. In the case of crawlers, where a lack of traction can … more

The Truth About Waterproof

By Axial on Oct 22, 2014

When an RC vehicle has “waterproof” stamped on the box, what does that really mean? Most people believe that you can drive that vehicle in water without any harm coming to the vehicle or any of its components—it’s waterproof, after … more

Axial at Off Road EXPO 2014

By Axial on Oct 21, 2014

Off Road EXPO at the Pamona Fairplex is an event that you must attend if you live in the So Cal area. This is the big off road show where you get to see all the latest and greatest off … more

Properly Build Suspension and Steering Links

By Axial on Oct 20, 2014

Building Axial’s aluminum suspension and steering links isn’t tricky business, but if you don’t perform the task correctly, you can create problems. Follow these steps for perfectly built links. The 3x16mm set screw (AXA186) threads into the plastic rod end, not the … more